GRASP with path-relinking for the generalized quadratic assignment problem

 G. R. Mateus, R. M. A. Silva, and M. G. C. Resende

J. of Heuristics,  vol.17, pp. 527-565, 2011, DOI: 10.1007/s10732-010-9144-0


The generalized quadratic assignment problem (GQAP) is a generalization of the NP-hard quadratic assignment problem (QAP) that allows multiple facilities to be assigned to a single location as long as the capacity of the location allows. In this paper, we propose several GRASP with path-relinking heuristics for the GQAP using different construction, local search, and path-relinking procedures. Experimental results using time-to-target plots illustrate the relative effectiveness of these variants on instances found in the literature.

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