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The Resendes in November 2011


Dear Friends,

Welcome to our yearly family review. The purpose of this page is to share with you what we have been up to this past year. Here is a quick summary: Renalva celebrated her 80th birthday with us;  Lucia spent almost the entire first semester recovering from a fractured foot; Sasha lives in Brooklyn and works at Teach for America in New York City; Alec is half way through his junior (3rd) year at Carnegie Mellon;  we survived Huricane Irene; Lucia spent almost all of her free time in the second semester dancing tango;  Lucia and Mauricio traveled to Brazil twice, the first time together, the second apart; Lucia and Mauricio celebrated 30 years of marriage and spent time together in Italy; Mauricio traveled to many places for work; and we had lots of friends visiting us in New Jersey.


Our home in Holmdel

Snow in the backyard of our home
Deer on our property
Snow on the deck
Our backyard on a snowy winter morning
A herd of deer seen from our front door
January 2011 was cold

Spring at home
We continue lving in Holmdel, New Jersey, about 50 miles (80 km) south of New York City.  Our home is located by car about 10 minutes from Lucia's work, about 50 minutes from Mauricio's work, about one hour from Sasha's apartment in Brooklyn, and about six hours from Alec's dorm in Pittsburgh.

We had a lot of snow during the 2010-2011 winter and a wierd October snow storm.  In addition, Hurricane Irene came right over Holmdel in August.  It was later downgraed to a tropical storm. Fortunately, unlike come of our neighbors, our home survived with no damage.
Lucia and the rhododrendrom
Spring in our front yard
Lucia and her rhododendron

Sod farm in HolmdelLucia with our spruce trees
Sod farm in Holmdel, New Jersey
Lucia and the spruce we planted in 1998


Our home in the SpringOur home in the summerHolmdel park in the fall
Our home in  AprilOur home in  JulyHolmdel Park in November


Sasha with Lucia on Eastern SundaySasha and Jason all dressed upSasha and Lucia in Brooklyn
Sasha and Lucia at home in AprilSasha and Jason at Jason's sister's wedding in MarchSasha and Lucia in Brooklyn in June

Lucia and Sasha on 4th of JulySasha has been working at Teach for America in New York City since August of 2010.  She lives in the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn and commutes to work on the subway.  This year she moved to a new room in her apartment.  Her previous room did not have its own bathroom like the new one does.

Sasha vacationed in Chicago with Jason in July.  There, they attended the Pitchfork Musical Festival.

Sasha follows U. of Michigan football closely and even traveled to Ann Arbor with Jason in September to watch Michigan's win over Notre Dame and the first ever night match at Michigan Stadium.

Sasha regularly comes to Holmdel to spend the weekend.  She spent ten days there during Christmas.

On December 31st she celebrated her 24th birthday.

Sasha's plans for the near future include attending grad school starting 2014.
Mauricio helping Sasha in her room
Sasha and Lucia at home on 4th of JulyMauricio helping Sasha make a hem on a new curtain for her room


Sasha with her parents in March

Sasha with Lucia & Mauricio at Marina's NYC apartment in March

Lucia and Sasha in her Brooklyn roomSasha and Lucia going to the beach in Long BranchSasha new curtain in Brookyln apartment
Sasha and Lucia at Sasha's Brooklyn apartment in JuneSasha and Lucia going to Long Branch (New Jersey) beach in AugustSasha and her new curtain in October

Sasha at Chicago concertSasha at Chicago marina
Sasha at a concert in Chicago in JulySasha in Chicago in July

Sasha & Alec
Mauricio, Sasha, and Alec at home in MaySasha and Alec at home on Memorial Day
Sasha and Alec with Mauricio at home in MaySasha and Alec at home in May

Mauricio with Sasha and Alec on Father's DaySasha and Alec get along very well together.  Though Alec lives in Pittsburgh and Sasha in Brooklyn, they managed to see each other many times during 2011.Sasha and Alec on Thanksgiving Day
Sasha and Alec with Mauricio at home on Father's Day in JuneSasha and Alec at home on Thanksgiving 

Alec and Sasha at home Christmas EveAlec and Sasha at Monster Sushi in NYC in December

Sasha and Alec at home on Christmas Sasha and Alec at NYC sushi restaurante in December 



Lucia with Alec in FebruaryMauricio with Alec in FebruaryAlec leaving Pittsburgh for summer break
Alec with Lucia at home for Alec's spring break in FebruaryAlec with Mauricio at home for Alec's spring break in FebruaryAlec leaving Carnegie Mellon for summer break in May

Alec and Lucia in Newark in MayLucia and Alec at Pamela's in Pittsburgh
Alec with Lucia in Newark on their way to a Brazilian churrascariaAlec with Lucia at Pamela's breakfast place in Pittsburgh in August
Alec celebrated his 20th birthday on August 3rd with friends at home while his parents were away in Europe.

In August he started his junior (3rd) year of college at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University  (CMU) in Pittsburgh.  Graduation is planned for May 2013.

At CMU, he lives in an large dorm room.  During his sophomore (2nd) year, he shared a one-bedroom apartment with a colleague.   He and the colleague moved to a large two-bedroom apartment  which they share with another student.

Mauricio drove Alec to and from CMU during the year.  Lucia came along in August and since Alec had brought so much stuff home for the summer, he had to fly back to school to meet his parents who drove.

Besides summer break and the end of year holidays, Alec came home for spring break with a friend from CMU and for Thanksgiving  (by plane).

During his summer break from school (mid-May to mid-August)  Alec interned at uReach Technologies in  Holmdel, where he wrote software.

In addition, Alec and a couple of friends produced an EP  titled Second Head by their band "Korea in the Space".   In March the magazine Crawdaddy (apparently the first rock  and roll magazine in the U.S.) covered a couple of songs he  and friend Justin wrote last year. Since then they have had a lot written about them on the web.
Alec with Lucia about to head back to school in August
Alec with Lucia about to travel back to Pittsburgh for the Fall 2011 semester
Alec and Lucia in Pittsburgh in AugustWebster Hall at CMU
Alec with Lucia in Pittsburgh in AugustAlec's residence building at Carnegie Mellon

Alec with Lucia at CMU in AugustMauricio picking Alec up at CMU for winter breakAlec and Bianca at Houllihan's in Holmdel in December
Alec with Lucia at Carnegie Mellon in AugustAlec with Mauricio for an early start back home for winter break in DecemberAlec with Bianca at Houllihan's in Holmdel in December



Lucia in Brazil with her mom and sister ReginaLucia with Bruno in RioLucia healing fractured foot in Rio
Lucia with her mom Maria Ignez and sister Regina in Rio in MarchLucia with Bruno Paula in Rio in MarchLucia healing a fractured foot in Rio in March during carnival

Lucia brother Lucio and mom walking into Gávea apartmentLucia did not start the year well.  In January she started feeling pain on her right foot.  An incorrect diagnosis by a radiologist and by her podiatrist led her to do physical therapy (stretching, bending, massaging her foot).  This caused an existing micro-fracture in her foot to grow.  Only in May was she able to  walk again without crutches.

Lucia had been dancing a lot of tango with dance partner Mark Genco and had to stop completely.  She had a tango trip to Buenos Aires already paid for and had to cancel.  Instead she traveled to Rio for two weeks of recovering at her mother's home during Carnival.

Mauricio had already planned to travel to Brazil while Lucia would be in Buenos Aires.  Despite traveling outside of Rio, Mauricio spent some time with Lucia in Rio, including her birthday on March 8th. 
Lucia at birthday lunch with mom, brother, and sister Regina
Lucia's brother Lucio and mom Maria Ignez helping Lucia walk in Rio in MarchLucia with her mom Maria Ignez, sister Regina, and brother Lucio in Rio on her birthday on March 8th
Lucia blowing out birthday candles in RioSushi man at Bruno's
Lucia blows out a birthday candle at her mom's place in Rio on March 8th
Sushi man prepares feast for Lucia to enjoy at Bruno's new apartment in Rio in March

Lucia with family in Rio
Lucia in April recovering from foot fracture at home
Lucia with sisters, nrothers-in-law, and niece in Rio in March
Lucia at home in April

Lucia sunbathing at home in AprilLucia with roses in OctoberLucia nursing foot in April
Lucia sunbathing at home in AprilLucia at home in OctoberLucia at home in April

Lucia at Birland in NYC in MayLucia still works at AT&T as a director.  Early in the year she was director of network engineering.  In the second semester she was assigned to be director of systems integration.

After healing her foot, Lucia restarted her dancing.  She usually dances at least three times a week and sometimes five or even six. She and Mark continue their dance partnership.

Even when she traveled with Mauricio in Florence and Venice, Lucia  asked Mauricio to take her to tango milongas.  Mauricio doesn't dance tango but was glad to accompany her and shoot some photos.
Lucia dancing tango in Florence, Italy
Lucia at Birdland in NYC in May
Lucia dancing tango in Florence (Italy) in July

Mark Genco in December 2011

Lucia's tango dance partner Mark Genco

Lucia eating pizza in Firenze
Lucia in Firenze
Lucia having a late pizza in Florence (Italy) in July
Lucia in Florence (Italy) in July

Lucia shopping in FirenzeLucia dancing tango in Venice, ItalyLucia in Murano, Italy
Lucia shopping in Florence (Italy) in JulyLucia dancing tango in Venice (Italy) in AugustLucia in Murano (Italy) in August

Lucia in Florence enjoying a glass of wineLucia traveled to Italy in late July where she met Mauricio.  During two long weekends they visited Florence, Siena, Murano, and Venice.  In Italy Lucia had only been to Rome and Naples before, so she saw a lot of new sights.Lucia really thirsty in Venice
Lucia in Florence (Italy) in AugustThirsty Lucia in Venice (Italy) in August
Lucia having lunch in Murano, ItalyLucia near St. Maurizio sq in Venice
Lucia enjoying octopus salad in Murano (Italy) in August
Lucia near hotel St. Maurizio in Venice (Italy) in August

Lucia dancing tango in Venice
Lucia at St. Maurizio sq in Venice
Lucia dancing tango in Venice (Italy) in August
Lucia at Campo St. Maurizio in Venice (Italy) in August

Lucia again traveled to Brazil in October, this time to attend her high school (Colégio Teresiano) class reunion in Rio and visit her mom who had not been feeling very well.  

To be able to stay in Rio for three weeks, Lucia had to work remotely part of the time that she was there.  Fortunately, with a good internet conection and her Vonage VOIP phone everything went smoothly. Lucia stayed at the home of her cousin Angela while she was working and at her mom's the rest of the time.
Lucia at glass museum in Murano

Lucia at Glass Museum in Murano (Italy) in August

Lucia at class reunion in October in RioLucia at brother's birthday in Rio in OctoberLucia with brother and sister Regina in Rio in October
Lucia at her Colégio Terseriano class reunion in Rio in October with former classmates Lucia Helena, Claudia, and MarciaLucia with mother Maria Ignez and brother Lucio at Lucio's birthday celebration in Rio in OctoberLucia with brother Lucio and sister Regina at Lucio's birthday celebration in Rio in October

Lucia & Mauricio


Lucia and Mauricio at home in MayMauricio and Lucia on July 4th

Lucia with Mauricio at home in MayLucia with Mauricio at home in May

Lucia with Mauricio on his birthday
Mauricio with Lucia outside Birdland in NYC
Lucia with Mauricio at home celebrating his birthday in JulyLucia with Mauricio in NYC in July
Mauricio and Lucia in SienaLucia and Mauricio overlooking Siena, Italy
Lucia with Mauricio in Siena (Italy) in AugustLucia with Mauricio in Siena (Italy) in August

Lucia and Mauricio near Ponte Vecchio in FlorenceMauricio and Lucia in OctoberLucia and Mauricio in Murano, Italy
Lucia with Mauricio in Florence (Italy) in AugustLucia with Mauricio at home in OctoberLucia with Mauricio in Murano (Italy) in August
ALucia with Mauricio celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary on August 16th.  They commemorated by being together for a week in Italy and with a nice dinner at Raven and the Peach in Fair Haven, New Jersey.
Lucia and Mauricio on a Gondola in VeniceMauricio and Lucia at the Blue Note in NYC
Lucia with Mauricio in Venice (Italy) in AugustLucia with Mauricio at The Blue Note in NYC in October watching Pat Metheny
Mauricio with Lucia while she tends to her broken footMauricio learning tango from LuciaMauricio and Lucia with her mother and brother in Rio
Lucia with Mauricio at home in AprilLucia pretending to dance with Mauricio at home in December Lucia and Mauricio with Lucia's mom and brother in Rio in March



Mauricio at U. of FloridaMauricio near "The Swap"  at UFLMauricio's car at EWR
Mauricio at the U. of Florida in JanuaryMauricio in front of the football stadium at the U. of Florida in JanuaryMauricio's car the EWR airport after his return from the U. of Florida in January

Rodrigo Toso at Shannon LabMauricio still works at the Algorithms & Optimization Research Department of AT&T Labs Research.  He works in the same department, with the same boss, since joining AT&T in 1988.

Rodrigo Toso (Computer Science Ph.D student from Rutgers University) was Mauricio's summer intern.

As customary, Mauricio traveled a lot in 2011.  Mostly for work, but a few trips strictly for fun.
Mauricio with Ricardo and Flavia in Belo Horizonte
Rodrigo Toso at Shannon Lab in February
Mauricio with Ricardo and Flávia Silva in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in  February

Mauricio having chicken with okra for lunch in Belo HorizonteIn February, Mauricio traveled to Brazil for work and fun.
He spent time with his mom in Itaipava, worked in Belo Horizonte, worked and spent time with Lucia in Rio, and visted Christine Guimarães in Pirenópolis.

In Belo Horizonte, he sat on three thesis boards at UFMG.

Back in Rio, he worked with Celso Ribeiro and spent Lucia's birthday with her.

Mauricio having chicken with okra at Maria das Tranças restaurant in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in February

Mauricio and Martin Ravetti at UFMGMauricio with Geraldo Robson at UFMGMauricio with friends near UFMG in Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Mauricio with Martin Ravetti at UFMG in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in  FebruaryMauricio with Geraldo Robson Mateus at UFMG  in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in  FebruaryMauricio with Geraldo Robson Mateus, Eduardo Rios Neto, and Thiago Noronha at UFMG  in Belo Horizonte (Brazil) in  February

Christine at Brasília CathedralMauricio on bridge near Pirenópolis, BrazilMauricio at waterfall near Pirenópolis
Christine Guimarães in March at Brasília Cathedral after picking Mauricio up at the Brasília airportMauricio on suspension bridge near Pirenópolis (GO, Brazil) in MarchMauricio at waterfall near Pirenópolis (GO, Brazil) in March

Christine at homeMauricio had not seen Christine Guimarães since she moved to Goiás five years ago.  After many invitations these years to come visit, Mauricio finally decided to go.

And it was great!  Christine was waiting for Mauricio at the Brasília airport, gave him a quick tour of the capital (Mauricio had not been in Brasília since 1981), and the two drove the three-hour route to Pirenópolis, where she lives.

In Pirenópolis, the two caught up on their lives, and visted a bunch of places, including several waterfalls.
Christine on brdige
Christine Guimarães at home in Pirenópolis (GO, Brazil) in March
Christine Guimarães on suspension bridge near Pirenópolis (GO, Brazil) in March

Mauricio with bull in PirenópolisBefore returning to New Jersey, Mauricio and Lucia had lunch at the Rio Brasa steakhouse with Roberto and Maureen's "children": nephew Thomas and nieces Dominique and Alexia.Mauricio with nieces and nephew in Rio
Mauricio in Pirenópolis (GO, Brazil) in March
Lucia and Mauricio with nieces Dominique and Alexia and nephew Thomas in Rio in March

Mauricio and José Gonçalves in PortoMauricio eating prawns in PortoMauricio with José's Mercedes
Mauricio with José Gonçalves in Porto (Portugal) in MarchMauricio enjoying grilled shrimps at Restaurante Grelha in Espinho, near Porto (Portugal) in MarchMauricio in Porto (Portugal) in March

Mauricio in PortoIn March, Mauricio traveled to Porto (Portugal) to work with José Gonçalves.  Mauricio and José have known each other since they were Ph.D students at UC Berkeley in the 1980s.Mauricio at Farol do Porto
Mauricio in Porto (Portugal) in March
Mauricio in Porto (Portugal) in March

Mauricio on the beach in Porto
Mauricio on street in Porto
Mauricio in Porto (Portugal) in March
Mauricio in Porto (Portugal) in March

Mauricio with Ana in Porto

Mauricio with Ana Viana in Matosinhos, near Porto (Portugal), in March

Mauricio eating sardines in PortoAs has been customary during Mauricio's yearly trips to Porto,  Ana Viana usually takes him to visit interesting places in northern Portugal.  This year could not be any different.Mauricio having dinner with friends at Restaurante Ferrugem in Vila Nova de Famalicão, Portugal.
Mauricio in Porto (Portugal) in March
Mauricio dining with friends at Restaurante Ferrugem in Vila Nova de Famalicão, near Porto (Portugal) in March.  Mauricio had slow-cooked beef cheek for the first time. 

Mauricio with Ana Viana in Lamego, Portugal
Mauricio at João Pedro and Mami's home in Porto, Portugal
Mauricio with Ana Viana in Lamego (Portugal) in March
Mauricio with friends at dinner party at João Pedro and Mami's home in Porto (Portugal) in March

Mauricio at stone bridge in Ucanha, PortugalMauricio having dinner at Dalila's  in PortoMauricio having lunch in Porto
Mauricio on the fortified bridge in Ucanha (Portugal) in March Mauricio dining at Dalila Fontes' home in Porto (Portugal) in March Mauricio having lunch at Restaurante "O Tubarão" in Matosinhos, near Porto (Portugal) in March

Mauricio with Valery Kalygin at the Pechersky Ascension Monastery in Nizhny NovgorodKids playing with gunsMauricio at Museum of Wooden Architecture in Suzdal, Russia
Mauricio with Valery Kalygin at the Pechersky Ascension Monastery in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) on May DayChildren playing in Nizhny Novgorod (Russia) on May DayMauricio at Museum of Wooden Architecture in Suzdal (Russia) in May

St. Euthymius monastery (founded in the mid-14th century) in Suzdal, RussiaIn May, Mauricio traveled to Russia for the first time. He was invited to lecture at the Spring School on Advances in Operations Research at The Higher School of Economics in Nizhny Novgorod.

Having arrived on Saturday night and Monday being May Day, a national holiday in Russia, Mauricio had two days to do some sightseeing.  His hosts,
Boris Goldengorin and Valery Kalyagin, showed him Nizhny and the beautiful cities of Suzdal and Vladimir.

Mauricio had dinner at the home of Valery Kalyagin and his wife.
St. Euthymius monastery (founded in the mid-14th century) in Suzdal, Russia
St. Euthymius monastery in Suzdal (Russia) 
St. Euthymius monastery in Suzdal (Russia) 

Mauricio with Boris Goldengorin and Valery Kalyagin at Spring School on Advances in Operations ResearchMauricio giving a lecture at Spring School on Advances in Operations ResearchNizhny Novgorod, Russia
Mauricio with Boris Goldengorin and Valery Kalyagin at Spring School on Advances in Operations Research in Nizhny Novgorod in MayMauricio lecturing at Spring School on Advances in Operations Research in Nizhny Novgorod in MayView of Volga River from Nizhny Novgorod

Mauricio at SEA 2011 in Chania, CreteMauricio and Panos Pardalos at SEA 2011 in Chania, GreeceMauricio in Crete during SEA 2011
Mauricio in Chania (Crete, Greece) at SEA 2011Mauricio with Panos Pardalos in Chania (Crete, Greece) at SEA 2011Mauricio in Chania (Crete, Greece) at SEA 2011

Mauricio in Chania, Crete, GreeceFrom Nizhny, Mauricio traveled by train to Moscow, where he caught a subway and then another train to Domodedovo Airport.

Mauricio flew to Athens, Greece, via Frankfurt, spent the night in a hotel at the Athens Airport, and then took a 5 AM flight to Chania, Crete, where he was due to give a talk at SEA 2011 in the morning.
Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) monastery near Chania, Crete
Mauricio in Chania (Crete, Greece) at SEA 2011Agia Triada (Holy Trinity) monastery near Chania (Crete, Greece)
Mauricio in Chania, Crete
Mauricio and Flavia in Crete
Mauricio in Chania (Crete, Greece) at SEA 2011
Mauricio with Flavia Loschi  in Chania (Crete, Greece) at SEA 2011

Mauricio and Paola Festa in CreteMauricio and Panos Pardalos in CreteMauricio and Ricardo SIlva in Crete
Mauricio with Paola Festa in Chania (Crete, Greece) at SEA 2011Mauricio with Panos Pardalos  in Chania (Crete, Greece) at SEA 2011Mauricio with Ricardo Silva  in Chania (Crete, Greece) at SEA 2011

Mauricio on hotel balcony near Lisbon, Portugal.Mauricio with Joaquim Júdice at Joaquim's 60th birthday celebration.
Mauricio in Lisbon
Mauricio in his room at the Meliã at Aldeia dos Capuchos, near Lisbon, in JulyMauricio with Joaquim Júdice at celebration of Joaquim's 60th birthday, near Lisbon, in JulyMauricio getting off ferry after crossing the Tagus in Lisbon

Mauricio with Luciana and Helena in LisbonIn late July, Mauricio traveled to Lisbon (Portugal) to give a plenary talk at Optimization 2011.  At this meeting, Joaquim Júdice (long time co-author of Mauricio) celebrated his 60th birthday.  Mauricio said a few words about Joaquim at the banquet.Mauricio on a billboard
Mauricio with Luciana Pessoa and Helena Ramalhinho in Lisbon during Optimization 2011
Mauricio's name on a billboard in Lisbon

Mauricio with Paola and Luciana in Udine, ItalyMauricio celebrated his birthday in two countries in 2011.  He woke up in Portugal and flew from Lisbon to Venice (Italy) with Luciana Pessoa.  From the Venice airport, they drove to Udine where MIC 2011 was under way. Mauricio gave his talk the following day.

Mauricio's birthday dinner at Ristorante Atlantide in Udine was really nice.  Nine friends were there: José Gonçalves (Porto, Portugal), Luciana Buriol (Porto Alegre, Brazil), Celso Ribeiro (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), Eric Taillard (Yverdon, Switzerland), Ricardo SIlva (Recife, Brazil), Luciana Pessoa (Paris, France), Ana Viana (Porto, Portgal), Adriana Alvim (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and last, but not least, Paola Festa (Avellino, Italy).
Mauricio's birthday dinner in Udine, Italy
Mauricio in Udine (Italy) with Paola Festa and Luciana Buriol on his birthday in July
Mauricio celebrating his birthday in Udine (Italy) with nine good friends

Mauricio in Udine, Itlay

Mauricio in Udine (Italy) after MIC 2011


Mauricio having lunch at MIC 2011 in UdineDinner with MIC 2011 participants in UdineMauricio having a beer with friends in Udine, Itraly
Mauricio having lunch in Udine (Italy) with Luciana Buriol, Ricardo Silva, and Andréa Cynthia Santos during MIC 2011Mauricio at post-conference dinner at Trattoria Al Chianti in Udine (Italy) Mauricio relaxing in Udine (Italy) with Luciana Pessoa, Ricardo Silva, Andréa Cynthia Santos, and Thiago Noronha after MIC 2011

Mauricio in SienaMaurico in Siena
Mauricio in Siena (Italy) in AugustMauricio in Siena (Italy) in August
After MIC 2011, Mauricio spent two long weekends with Lucia in Florence, Siena, Venice, and Murano.
Mauricio in FlorenceMauricio leaving Venice
Mauricio in Florence (Italy) in AugustMauricio in Venice (Italy) in August

Luis MóranIn September, Mauricio's new Ph.D student, Luis Morán, from  Tecnológico de Monterrey in Mexico, arrived at Shannon Lab to work with him for a year. Luis is a student of José Luiz Gonzalez Velarde.

Luis Morán in September after arriving to work with Mauricio for a year 

Alexia in ItaipavaAlexia in ItaipavaDominique in Itaipava
Mauricio's niece Alexia in Itaipava in SeptemberMauricio's niece Alexia in Itaipava in SeptemberMauricio's niece Dominique in Itaipava in September
Mauricio traveled to Brazil in September with the objective of teaching a short course on "Analysis of Social Networks"  at the Computer Science Department of U. Federal Fluminense in Niterói, work with Celso Ribeiro on a book project, and take two weeks off on vacation.  In addition, he would spend five weekends with his mom, Renalva, in Itaipava.
Mauricio with Alexia and Dominique in ItaipavaRenalva in Itaipava
Mauricio with nieces Alexia & Dominique in Itaipava in SeptemberMauricio's mother Renalva at her home in Itaipava in September
The Veigas in ItaipavaMauricio poolside in Itaipava
Mauricio with Renalva and the Veigas in Itaipava in SeptemberMauricio in Itaipava in September

In Itaipava, besides seeing his mom, Mauricio also spent time with his nieces Dominique and Alexia, nephew Thomas (and girlfriend Vanessa),  The Veigas (Ecila, Geraldo, Gilberto, and Angela), Beth and João Phillips, as well as Ricardo Silva, who came to Itaipava to work with Mauricio.Sunset in Itaipava

October 1st sunset in Itaipava

Renalva and Thomas in ItaipavaRenalva, Vanessa, and Thomas in ItaipavaToucan in Itaipava
Renalva with nephew Thomas in Itaipava in SeptemberRenalva with nephew Thomas and Vanessa in Itaipava in SeptemberToucan at Itaipava

Mauricio with Ricardo in Itaipava

Mauricio working with Ricardo Silva in Itaipava in October

Mauricio with Lucio and Regina in RioBack in Rio, Mauricio stayed at João Lauro Facó's place at praia do Pepê.  He also saw Lelio Facó, Abílio Lucena and family, Patrícia Antunes, Tony and Gabriel Antunes and Marisa Borges, Renato, Mariana, and Julia Carneiro, Adriana Alvim and Geraldo Veiga, Jayme Guimarães and family, and Lucia's mom and siblings Lucio and Regina.

During his four weeks in Brazil, Mauricio drove Ricardo Paula's Citroën C4 which Ricardo lent to Mauricio while he and Angela traveled in Europe on vacation.
Citroen in Itaipava
Mauricio with Lucia's siblings Lucio & Regina in Rio in September
 Ricardo Paula's Citroen C4 that Mauricio drove while in Rio

Mauricio Abilio, Anna, and PedroMauricio at Facó's place in Rio
Mauricio with Abilio Lucena, Pedro, and Anna in Rio in SeptemberMauricio's home office at João Lauro Facó's place in Rio in September

Mauricio lecturing at UFFMauricio with students at UFF

Mauricio's lecturing on "Analysis of Social Networks" in Niterói in SeptemberMauricio with students of his short course on "Analysis of Social Networks" in Niterói in September

Mauricio with Tony and Nana in RioMauricio with Renato and Tony in Rio
Mauricio in Rio with Tony, Mariana, and her daughter Julia in SeptemberMauricio in September with Tony and Renato at Renato's penthouse in Rio 

Mauricio with Christine in PirenópolisMauricio at Chirstine's place in PirenópolisMauricio and CHristine having a water break in Pirenópolis
Mauricio with Christine Guimarães in Pirenópolis in SeptemberMauricio with Christine at her home in Pirenópolis Mauricio with Christine taking a water break in Pirenópolis 
AAfter two weeks of work in Rio, Mauricio was ready for some vacation time.  He first traveled once again to Pirenópolis to visit Christine and see more of the sights he had missed in March.

Once again, Christine was a great hostess.  Mauricio got a chance to see the home she is building in Abaniânia, about 70 km from Pirenópolis.

Mauricio at bridge in PirenópilsMauricio on bridge near Pirenópolis
Mauricio on a bridge in Pirenópolis Mauricio on another bridge near Pirenópolis 
Christine practicing yoga near wallfallMauricio and Christine having a picnic
 Lázaro waterfall near Pirenópolis Mauricio and Christine having a picnic at Lázaro waterfall near Pirenópolis 
Mauricio and Pirenópolis sunsetMauricio near PirenópolisSeed of plant from the Serrado
Mauricio at sunset near PirenópolisMauricio on his way to another waterfall near PirenópolisSeed of a plant from the Goiás savanna near Pirenópolis

Mauricio on the Serrado near Pirenópolis

Mauricio on a termite hill near Pirenópolis

Mauricio having fondeu in CuritibaMauricio with Bianca, Ana, and Paulo in Curitiba
Mauricio in Curitiba with Vilma, Luciana, Ana, and PauloMauricio in Curitiba with Bianca, Ana, and Paulo

Mauricio and Vilma at her chambersAfter spending a weekend in Itaipava with his mom and Ricardo Silva, Mauricio traveled to Curitiba to spend time with his sister Vilma and her family.  He was met at the Curitiba airport by Vilma and Lucia's sister Ana with husband Paulo.

Vilma is a appelate court judge (desembargadora) in the court of the state of Paraná.

Besides being with Vilma, Mauricio was shown many of Curitiba's sights, visited the Oscar Niemeyer Musuem, met many of Vilma's friends who are judges, celebrated Lucia's sister Ana's birthday with a dinner at Vilma's, and got to go to a comedy show of Diego Portugal and meet the artist after the show. 
Mauricio at Diogo Portugal comedy show
Mauricio in Curitiba with sister Vilma at her court officeMauricio at a Diego Portugal comedy show at John Bull Music Hall in Curitba.
Mauricio and Vilma having tea
Mauricio having coffee in Curitiba with his sister Vilma


Mauricio at Oscar Niemeyer Museum in CuritibaMauricio and Vilma touring Curitiba

Mauricio at the Oscar Niemeyer Museum in Curitiba Mauricio in Curitiba with sister Vilma on top of a city tour bus

Mauricio hiking in Holmdel Aprk in OctoberWith Lucia in Brazil in October, Sasha living in Brooklyn, and Alec at school in Pittsburgh, Mauricio spent about a month living alone in Holmdel.  He definitely prefers having people around.
Mauricio walking in Holmdel Park in October


Mauricio's last work-related trip in 2011 was to Charlotte, North Carolina, to attend INFORMS 2011 and give a talk. Since Mauricio's employer had cancelled all travel from October 15th to the end of the year, Mauricio had to pay his own way to the meeting.  

Instead of flying Mauricio drove.  On the way down he took the long route, stopping for a night in Pittsburgh, where he and Alec had dinner.  On they way back, Mauricio drove the 1000 km (620 miles) in 12 hours averaging over 40 miles a gallon on his Honda Civic Hybrid.
Mauricio in Charlotte, NCMauricio eith Panos and Sergiy at INFORMS 2011

Mauricio in Charlotte during INFORMS 2011Mauricio with Sergiy Butenko and Panos Pardalos in Charlotte during INFORMS 2011



Lucia and Renalva in HolmdelRenalva oin the phone in HolmdelSasha and Renalva in Holmdel
Lucia and Renalva playing with an iPadRenalva on the phone in HolmdelSasha with her grandmother Renalva at home

Renalva in HolmdelMany friends and family members visited us in 2011.

Mauricio's mom spend over two month with us to celebrate her 80th birthday on February 2nd.  She traveled back to Brazil on the same flight as Lucia.  Since Lucia had a fractured foot, both she and Renalva used wheel chairs to move around the airports they traveled through.

Renalva in January looking out at the snow in Holmdel


Mauricio with Renalva at Marina's place in NYCMauricio with Renalva and Marina at Marina's
Mauricio with Renalva at Marina's place in NYCMauricio with Renalva and Marina in NYC

Alec and Renalva on her 80th birthdayRenalva with Maria in Holmdel

Alec celebrating his grandmother's 80th birthday at The Melting Pot in Red Bank, NJMaria (Sasha and Alec's former nanny) and Renalva looking at the snow outside 

Lucia with José in HolmdelLucia and José at Marina'sIn February, José Gonçalves, from Porto (Portugal) came to New Jersey to work with Mauricio.
Lucia and José Gonçalves at home in FebruaryMauricio & Lucia with Marina & José in NYC

In April, Paola Festa, from Avellino (Italy) came to New Jersey to work with Mauricio.Lucia and Paola in HolmdelMaurico with Lucia and Paola at MAC

Lucia and Paola at home in AprilMauricio & Lucia with Paola in front of Middletown Art Center

Mauricio & Paola went out for a night out at Blue Note in NYC and to see the sights on another day.  Paola was very excited about the adoption she and husband Gianni were planning. In November they adopted three beautiful 3-year old girls (triplets) in Brazil. Mauricio and Paola having coffee in NYC

Mauricio & Paola Festa at Caffe Reggio in NYC

Mauricio with Paola and Sasha in NYCPaola and Rodrigo in FPMauricio and Paola in NYC
Mauricio with Sasha and Paola Festa outside Trattoria Dell'Arte in NYCPaola Festa and Rodrigo Toso in Mauricio's office at Shannon LabMauricio & Paola in Times Square in NYC

Breakfast with Renato and NanaDinner with Renato and NanaLater in April, Renato Carneiro and his daughter Nana stayed with us in Holmdel.

Mauricio had the opportunity to go with them to a place many Brazilians flock to: Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
Mauricio & Lucia havng breakfast with Nana & Renato in AprilMauricio & Lucia havng dinner at home with Nana & Renato in April

Mauricio and Nana at Woodbury Commons OutletGoodbyes for Rentato & Nana
Mauricio & Nana at Woodbury Outlet in AprilMauricio & Lucia saying goodbyes to Nana & Renato in April

Us with Roberto & MarinaIn May, Lucia's high school classmate Marina and her husband Roberto came to New York to attend the graduation of their daughter and son-in-law at Columbia Business School. Mauricio and Lucia dined with them at Trattoria Dell'Arte in NYC.  

Mauricio & Lucia dining with Marina & Roberto at Trattoria Dell'Arte in May

In July, Victor Pujadas and Helena Ramalhinho (from Barcelona)  with kids Vera and Bruno came over for a 4th of July barbeque.  Mauricio inaugurated the new Weber grill Lucia gave him for his birthday.  

Also present were Alec, Marina Roesler, Mario Vergara, and Lucia's cousin Marilú Torres.
Helena & family visit usVictor & Helena visit us

4th of July BBQ with friends from NYC and BarcelonaVictor and Helena chatting with Marina while Lucia chats with Marilú and Sasha with Alec at 4th of July BBQ

Mauricio's birthday BBQMauricio & JoanaSince Mauricio would be in Italy for his birthday, he invited friends to celebrate a bit earlier in July.
Mauricio & friends celebrating Mauricio's 56th birthdayMauricio with his goddaughter Joana Goic

A special guest at Mauricio's birthday BBQ was his goddaughter Joana Goic.  Joana is the daughter of our friends Silvia Barandier and George Goic.  She just finished veterinary school at UC Davis and is spending the 2011-2012 academic year doing a small-animal internship at the Mathew J. Ryan Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania.  Joana graduates a DMV

Joana becoming Dr. Goic at UC Davis

Sasha, Jason, Joana at Mauricio's birthday partySergio and Ricardo at Mauricio's birthday BBQ

Sasha, Joana, and Jason at Mauricio's birthday celebrationSergio and Ricardo at Mauricio's birthday celebration

Dinner with Ricardo in HolmdelRicardo in Mauricio's FP officeIn July, Ricardo Silva, from Recife (Brazil) came to New Jersey to work with Mauricio.
Lucia, Mauricio, and Alec dining with Ricardo at home in JulyRicardo Silva at Mauricio's office at Shannon Lab

Mauricio working with Ricardo in Holmdel

Mauricio working with Ricardo at home in July


In November, Luciana Pessoa, from Paris came to New Jersey to work with Mauricio.Mauricio with Rafael and Luciana at Blue NoteLuciana at Holmdel Park

Mauricio with Luciana Pessoa and Rafael Cruz at Blue Note in NYC in NovemberLuciana Pessoa at Holmdel Park 

Luciana working with Mauricio in HolmdelMauricio and Luciana in HolmdelLuciana at Shannon Lab  in FP
Luciana working with Mauricio in Holmdel in NovemberMauricio & Luciana in HolmdelLuciana Pessoa at AT&T Shannon Lab in Florham Park, New Jersey

Letícia at ThanksgivingLucia and Lou at ThanksgivingSasha & Alec with Adam & Linda at Thanksgiving
Letícia Cataldi with son Gabriel during Thanksgiving in HolmdelLucia and Lewis Norwood during Thanksgiving in HolmdelLinda Rhodes with son Adam, Sasha, and Alec during Thanksgiving at our place 

For Thanksgiving we invited some friends to join us.  Alec and Sasha also made it to Holmdel.Carlos & Diogo with kids at Thanksgiving

Diogo Andrade and Carlos Oliveira with sons Tomás and Lucas during Thanksgiving at our place

Celso working with Mauricio in HolmdelIn early December, Celso Ribeiro spent 10 days with Mauricio working on their book project.
Mauricio and Celso working on their book in December


Mauricio & Lucia with Jayme & Andrea in HolmdelMauricio with Jayme at NYC Apple StoreMauricio with Vilma at Rockerfeller Center in NYC
Lucia & Mauricio with Andrea & Jayme at home in DecemberMauricio with Jayme Guimarães at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in NYCMauricio and Vilma at Rockerfeller Center in NYC in December

Vilma on Fifth AvenueMauricio took vacation from December 13th to the end of the year.  Lucia had fewer days and only took vacation between Christmas and New Year's Day.Breakfast in Holmdel
Vilma on 5th Avenue in NYC
Mauricio & Lucia having breakfast with Jayme, Andrea, Breno, & Renan at home

Dinner in HolmdelWe had a number of guests for the winter holidays.  Mauricio's sister Vilma arrived on December 15th.  Mauricio traveled to Pittsburgh on the 16th to pick up Alec at CMU.  

They returned on the 17th, having to leave at 5 AM to be able to make it to Newark airport by noon to meet Jayme Guimarães, his wife Andrea, and boys Breno (Mauricio's godson) and Renan.  Mauricio and Jayme have been friends since the 6th grade at Escola Americana do Rio de Janeiro.
Lucia with Jayme and Andrea
Dinner with friends at home in December
Jayme and Andrea helping Lucia prepare the bacalhau for Christmas Day 

Luciana and Vilma in HolmdelOn December 23rd, Mauricio's niece Luciana Carone (Vilma's youngest daughter) arrived, just in time for Christmas Eve dinner.Mauricio and Vilma in Holmdel on Xmas
Mauricio's sister Vilma and niece Luciana in Holmdel
Mauricio with Vilma at home on Christmas Eve

Our Christmas tree

Our 2011 Christmas Tree

Luis Morán and Luciana Carone at Xmas lunch

Lu Carone with Luis Morán and Javier on Christmas Day in Holmdel

Xmas lunchOn Christmas Day, Mauricio's student Luis Morán with his sister Cristina and brother-in-law Javier spent the afternnon with us in Holmdel.Luciana with Sasha and Alec in Holmdel.
Lucia with guests ready to savor bacalhau for Christmas 
Alec & Sasha with their cousin Luciana on Christmas Day

Ana, Paulo, and Bianca in HoldmelBianca and her hairLucia and Bianca in Holmdel
Lucia's sister Ana with husband Paulo and stepdaughter Bianca in HolmdelBianca and her hairLucia and Bianca in December at home

On December 26th, Lucia's sister Ana with husband Paulo and stepdaughter Bianca from Curitiba arrived in Holmdel to spend two weeks with us.

We celebrated the new year at home. As usual we made two toasts: one at 9 PM to celebrate the new year in Rio and another at midnight to celebrate the New Jersey new year.
Lucia, Mauricio, and Mark Genco

Lucia with Mauricio & Mark Genco on New Year's Eve at home

Ana and Paulo dancingToasting the end of 2011Toasting new year
Ana and Paulo dancing the night awayCelebrating the end of 2011 at homeCelebrating the end of 2011 at home

We wish you all the best for 2012.  Hope to see you soon.

Hugs, kisses, cheers!