Alec ~ 2009

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Alec passport photoAlec gets a medalAlec with iphone a soccer game
Alec in 2009Alec and the Torpedoes win a medal in MayAlec relaxes between games during soccer tournament
Alec runs off fieldAlec continued playing soccer with the Battle of Monmouth Torpedoes until June of 2009.  Because he was one year ahead of his teammates in school, Alec was taking exams, applying for and visiting colleges, and spending time with his college-bound friends when his teammates were still in 11th grade. Because of this, Alec could not dedicate a much time to soccer as he had in the past.  He stayed with the team until the end of the spring season and played his last soccer game with the Torpedoes in June.  

In November Alec went to see his teammates play for the last time.  The team broke up in December.
Alec waits to be called onto the field
Alec playing soccerAlec waits to enter field
Alec warming upAlec playing as forward
Alec warming up with the TorpedoesAlec at tournament in FortDix, NJ
Alec with KK hiding from the sun1, 2, 3, TorpedoesAlec resting between games
Alec and KK hiding from summer sunTorpedoes ready to start playingTorpedoes in the shade
Alec goes to see Torpedoes play for the last time
Alec watches his last Torpedoes game in November
Alec in pre-prom party with prom dateAlec in pre-prom party with friendsAlec in pre-prom party with date
Alec with prom date in pre-prom partyAlec with friends in pre-prom party
Alec in pre-prom party with dateIn May, Alec had his senior prom.Alec's prom limo
Alec with prom date in pre-prom partyStretch limo Alec took to senior prom
Alec in limo going to prom
Alec in stretch limo
Alec cookingAlec studying for examsAlec's last application
Alec prepares culinary arts final class projectAlec studies for AP examAlec finished last college application 3 hours before deadline
Alec and Lucia at CMUApplying for college in the months of October 2008 through February 2009, involved a lot of work for Alec.  He applied to over 15 colleges and each application was a long stressful process.  Then came the wait for the big package.  At the end of March Alec  finally heard from one of his top choice schools.  He was accepted by the School of Computer Science of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

He flew to Pittsburgh with Lucia (later joined by Mauricio) to attend an orientation for accepted student to the school and in late April accepted their offer to register.
Alec and Lucia at CMU
Alec with Lucia during computer science orientation at CMUAlec with Lucia during computer science orientation at CMU
CMUAlec and iMac
Carnegie Mellon UniversityAlec with new iMac computer
Sasha and Geraldo at Alec's graduationAlec and Adam graduateMauricio and Alec at Alec's graduation
Alec with Geraldo and Sasha at graduationAlec with Adam at graduationAlec with Mauricio at graduation
Alec turns 18In June, Alec graduated from Holmdel High School.  Our family friend, Geraldo Veiga, who taught Alec lots of math, programming, and music when Alec was small flew from Brazil to attend Alec's graduation.  Maria (Alec's nanny) and her husband Lewis joined Lucia, Mauricio, and Sasha for the graduation ceremony in Brookedale Community College.

On August 3rd, Alec turned 18.

Two weeks later Mauricio and Lucia (each driving a car) took Alec and his stuff to Pittsburgh.  He moved into his dorm room which he shares with another computer science student, Alex.

A one week long orientation preceeded the start of classes in late August.

Alec took a while to adjust to his new environment, but by the end of the semester he was well adjusted. 
Alec leaves for Pittsburgh
Alec turns 18Alec ready to move to Pittsburgh
Alec leaves for PittsburghAlec's dorm at CMU
It takes two cars to move Alec to PittsburghAlec's dorm at CMU
Lucia and Alec at CMUAlec and Alex at CMU
Lucia with Alec at CMUAlec and Alex share a dorm room at CMU
Alec at Lucia at CMU bookstoreAlec in dorm room
Alec with Lucia in front of CMU bookstoreAlec in dorm room at CMU
Alec plays guitar in dorm roomAlec plays guitar in dorm roomLucia and Alec in Pittsburgh restaurant
Alec plays guitar in dorm room at CMUAlec with Lucia at Pittsburgh restaurant
Alec and Sasha during ThansgivingAlec came home for a long weekend in October, for Thanksgiving in November, and the the winter break in December.Alec and Lucia at Pamela's
Alec and Sasha home for ThanksgivingAlec with Lucia in Pittsburgh breakfast place
Kids in ThanksgivingAlec and Lucia during Thanksgiving
Alec and Sasha with André and Adam having Thanksgiving dinnerLucia with Alec, home for a long weekend in October