Happy New Year ~ 2010

The Resende on xmas eve 2009
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Dear Friends,

With the end of 2009 behind us, here we are again to update you on how we've been.  A lot of things happened in 2009.  Sasha spent a semester studying in Madrid and began her senior year at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, Alec started college at the School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Lucia's sisters Ana Lucia and Vera Lucia got married to Paulo Roberto and Hécio, respectively, as did Mauricio's brother Marcio to Luciene, Lucia was promoted to a supervisory position at work, and Mauricio traveled to a bunch of places.  We enjoyed having many visitors in 2009.


Spruce trees in Dimisa Drive Springtime in Dimisa Drive
Driveway at Dimisa Drive
Snowy morning in Holmdel
View of backyard in springtime
Our driveway
Spring blossom in Dimisa Drive Lucia and Mauricio still enjoy living in Holmdel, New Jersey.  Even though Sasha and Alec no longer go to school here, Lucia and Mauricio still intend on staying in Holmdel for a few more years.  [ click here to read more ] Dogwood in Dimisa Drive
Walkway to our home in the springtime Dogwood tree

Cold winter day in Dimisa Drive Jupiter seen from Dimisa Drive Fall colors at Dimisa Drive
Snowfall in December A planet (Venus or Saturn?) viewed from our backyard on July 20th Fall colors
Torpedoes are finalists Alec passport photo Alec at pre prom party
Alec wins medal wit TorpedoesAlec in 2009Alec at pre-prom party in May
2009 was a big year for Alec.  

In  March he was accepted by The School of Computer Science at Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) to enroll as a freshman in the fall.  He accepted CMU's offer on May 1st.

He graduated from Holmdel High School in June.

Alec played his last soccer game with the Torpedoes in June.  

He started his freshman year at CMU in August and came home in October for a weekend, in November for Thanksgiving, and in December for winter break. 
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Alec graduates from high school Alec studying for AP exams
Alec and Adam graduate from Holmdel High School Alec studying for last SAT exam

Alec at CMUAlec cookingAlec plays guitar
Alec with Lucia at Carnegie Mellon University Alec prepares his "Culinary Arts" final class project (penne with vodka sauce) Alec plays the guitar in his dorm room at CMU
Sasha with friend in Barcelona Sasha in Prague Sasha with Mauricio in Madrid
Sasha with friend in BarcelonaSasha in PragueSasha with Mauricio in Madrid
2009 was also a big year for Sasha.

In January she moved to Madrid where she spent a semester studying at U. Complutense.  While in Europe, she travel to a bunch of interesting places, including Morocco, Dublin, Paris, Prague, Amsterdam, and all over Spain.

She interned at People Magazine in the summer.

In September, Sasha started her senior (last) year at The University of Michigan.  

Sasha came home in November for Thanksgiving and in December for her two-week winter break.

She turned 22 on December 31st.  
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Sasha rides a camel Sasha at Time-Life building
Sasha on a camel in Morocco Sasha in front of Time and Life building where was a summer  intern

Sasha with housemates in Ann Arbor Sasha in Fall 2009 Sasha and Jason at Marina's
Sasha with housemates in Ann Arbor Sasha in Fall 2009 Sasha with Jason at Marina's apartment in New York City
Roses for Valentine's Day Lucia and Mauricio at Mauricio's 54th
Valentine's Day roses Lucia congratulates Mauricio for blowing out candles
Couple at home Mauricio and Lucia celebrated their 28th wedding aniversary on August 16th.  [ click here to read more ] Couple with watermelon
Lucia and Mauricio at home
Lucia and Mauricio at home in July
Couple at Lincoln Center
Lucia and Mauricio with Ricardo Silva at Lincoln Center in New York
Lucia at home Lucia at home Lucia at home
Lucia at home in November Lucia at home in November Lucia at home in November
Lucia in Holmdel Park in the Spring Lucia traveled twice to Brazil this year to attend the weddings of her sisters Ana Lucia and Vera Lucia.

In April Lucia traveled with Alec to Pittsburgh to visit Carnegie Mellon.   In August Lucia and Mauricio (each driving a different car) took Alec (and his stuff) to Pittsburgh for start of classes.  A week later, she drove with Mauricio to Ann Arbor to help Sasha move into her new house.  

Lucia returned to her ballroom dancing this year.  Mauricio still hasn't started dancing but feels the pressure to start learning soon.

Lucia continues to work at AT&T in Middletown, New Jersey.  
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Lucia playing guitar
Lucia in Holmdel park in May
Lucia plays guitar 
Lucia with Alec at home Lucia at home in the Spring Lucia with Sasha at home
Lucia with Alec on his 18th birthday Lucia in springtime at home Lucia with Sasha at home in June
Mauricio in PortoMauricio at Univesidade do PortoMauricio in Porto
Mauricio in Gaia, Portugal with view of Porto behind Mauricio at the Economics Department at Unversidade do PortoMauricio at the Serralves Museum of Contemporary Art in Porto
Mauricio still works at AT&T Labs Research in Florham Park, New Jersey. His job involves a lot of traveling, mainly for conferences or for research collaborations. 

Mauricio's work related travel included Porto (Portugal), Madrid (Spain), Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Barcelona (Spain), Hamburg (Germany), Lima (Peru), Belo Horizonte (Brazil), and San Diego (California).

He traveled to Pittsburgh four times and to Ann Arbor once to help Alec and Sasha move into their college living quarters.

After so much traveling, Mauricio was glad to spend the last seven weeks of the year in New Jersey.
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Mauricio turns 54 Mauricio with Pati and Jayme
Mauricio blows out 54 candles in July Mauricio with Patricia and Jayme in Itaipava in May
Mauricio with Eric and Adriana in Hamburg Mauricio with Sasha in Madrid Mauricio in Itaipava in November
Mauricio with Éric Taillard and Adriana Alvim in Hamburg during MIC 2009Mauricio with Sasha in Madrid in MarchMauricio with friends and family in Itaipava in November
Mauricio with Ricardo, Rafael, and Abraham Alec with Marcio Geraldo with Sasha
Mauricio with Ricardo Silva, Rafael Martí, and Abraham Duarte in Holmdel in September Alec with Marcio (Mauricio's brother) at soccer tournament in Fort Dix, NJ Sasha with Geraldo at home in June
Ricardo and Flavia We had many visitors this year, including Lucia's sister, Ana Lucia, and her then fiancee Paulo Roberto, from Curitiba (Brazil), Ricardo Silva, from Lavras, Brazil,  Celso Ribeiro, from Rio de Janeiro,  Geraldo Veiga, from Rio de Janeiro,  Mauricio's brother, Marcio, from Fortaleza, Brazil,  Luciana Carone, Mauricio's niece, from Curituba, Brazil,  Mila and Rafael Martí, from Valencia, Spain, Abraham Duarte, from Madrid,  José Gonçalves, from  Porto, Portugal, Lélio Facó, from Rio de Janeiro,  Beth and Bernardo Phillips, from Rio de Janeiro, and Sônia Borba, Lucia's cousin from Rio de Janeiro.  [ click here to read more ]

Mauricio and Lucia with Rafael and Mila
Flavia and Ricardo Lucia and Mauricio wth Mila and Rafael in September
Mauricio with José in HolmdelBeth and Bernardo with Lucia and Alec in HolmdelLelio and José in Holmdel
Mauricio with José Gonçalves in OctoberLucia and Alec with Beth and Bernardo eating Mauricio's heuvos rancheros in OctoberLélio Facó with José Gonçalves visit in October
We look forward to a great 2010. Sasha will graduate from college, the 2010 FIFA World Cup will take place in June-July, Mauricio's mom will come visit us in New Jersey, Mauricio and Lucia plan to travel to Spain in September, ... We hope to see you in 2010, too.
We wish you all a very happy and healthy 2010.

Hugs, kisses, love, and peace,