Greedy randomized adaptive search procedures (GRASP)

M.G.C. Resende

In Encyclopedia of Optimization, C. Floudas and P.M. Pardalos, eds. Kluwer Academic Publishers, vol. 2, pp. 373-382, 2001


This paper is a survey of greedy randomized adaptive search procedures (GRASP).  GRASP is a multi-start or iterative procedure where each GRASP iteration consists of a construction phase, where a feasible solution is constructed, followed by a local search procedure that finds a locally optimal solution.  The construction phase of GRASP is essentially a randomized greedy algorithm.  Repeated applications of the construction procedure yields diverse starting solutions for the local search. We review a basic GRASP, followed by enhancements to the basic procedure. We conclude by surveying operations research and industrial applications of GRASP.

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