A biased random-key genetic algorithm for the unequal area facility layout problem

J.F. Gonçalves and M.G.C. Resende

European J. of Operational Research,  vol. 246, pp. 86-107, 2015.


This paper presents a biased random key genetic algorithm (BRKGA) for the unequal area facility layout problem (UA-FLP) where a set of rectangular facilities with given area requirements has to be placed, without overlapping, on a rectangular floor space. The objective is to find the location and the dimensions of the facilities such that the sum of the weighted distances between the centroids of the facilities is minimized. A hybrid approach combining a BRKGA, to determine the order of placement and the dimensions of each facility, a novel placement strategy, to position each facility, and a linear programming model, to fine-tune the solutions, is developed. The proposed approach is tested on 100 random datasets and 28 of benchmark datasets taken from the literature and compared against 21 other benchmark  pproaches. The quality of the approach was validated by the improvement of the best known solutions for 19 of the 28 extensively studied  benchmark datasets.

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